Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st Days of School

Avery was up at 6:30 her first day. I've never seen her take a bath so quick! She had a great 1st day of school. She said it was "awesome!!" I asked her if she wanted me to take her the first day and she said "no way. I want to ride the bus." So.....I followed the bus.

This is Avery with her friend, Morgan. I think she was more excited to ride the bus than anything.

If I could get Kaden to give me any details about school, I'd post them. All I can say is- it's a good thing his teacher this year doesn't give much homework, because if he did....I wouldn't know about it.
This is Rylee and one of her friends, Gracie. I snapped a picture just as the bus was pulling up. Of course, she had her clothes picked out for the first day, but changed her mind at the last minute. She does that a lot. She's excited because this year she gets to sell cookie dough for a fund raiser.
All in all, I think they had a great first day. Poor Cameron just asks where they are all day. We're actually in the 2nd week of school and I still have to tell him several times during the day where the kids are.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kaden's Birthday

I can't believe Kaden is 8! Crazy to think that it was 8 years ago that we were blessed with this sweet little boy. Happy Birthday, Kaden! We love you!

We decided to celebrate his Birthday on Saturday instead of Sunday and he was so excited that he got to open his presents a day early. He loved all of his presents. He got a wii game and a water balloon launcher from us, some books, and foam rockets from Grandma and Grandpa Bleazard, and a deer antler from his Grandpa Bleazard, and some money from Grandma and Grandpa Long.

Avery loved the antler that he got from his Grandpa.

When I asked Kaden what kind of Birthday cake he wanted, he said a Utah Jazz one. So, this was the best we could do.

I also had to put this picture of the kids in their Easter dresses. General Conference was last week so they didn't even get to show them off until this week, but I thought they looked so cute.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ONE year old!

Cameron's 1st Birthday was on Tuesday. As you can tell I didn't take a lot of time on the cake. I told Rylee I was just going to make a plain cake with frosting and she insisted we do something more special for him that that. So while she was at piano lessons, I came up with an m&m cake because I couldn't think of anything that he really likes yet. I guess being the 4th child has it's drawbacks.
He got a puppy that you pull with a string and a cute little outfit from Grandma Bleazard and a ball that he played with for about an hour straight. He also got a shirt.

He ate 2 whole cupcakes and a piece of cake and he loved every bite of it!

I thought I'd put a couple pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes, so everyone that isn't around here could see how cute they were. Rylee was a scary cheerleader, Kaden was Darth Vader and Avery was Hannah Montana. Cameron was a fisherman.

This picture was taken the night of the Halloween carnival. The kids had a blast playing games at the church. Oh and if you can't tell, I was dressed as the octomom.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Last year in single digits!!!


This weekend we celebrated Rylee's 9th Birthday. I can't believe she's already 9. I thought I'd just post a few pictures of Rylee throughout the years. Rylee has been such a great kid. We are so lucky to have her in our family. She is such a great daughter and an amazing big sister. Our family wouldn't be complete without her!

Happy Birthday, Rylee. We love you!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer Camping!!

We had such a blast camping this summer! We had a great time in Huntington Canyon with the Bleazards and a ton of fun at Yellowpine with the Long family.

Hunter, Rylee, Kaden, Holly, Avery, Savanah and Cameron got so dirty that I didn't have enough clothes to last the 2 days we were there!


Rylee, Holly and Cameron

Rylee and Savanah

Brian and Becca

Hunter and Cameron. Hunter is so great with Cameron. What a great older cousin he is.

Okay, so if you ever catch a glimpse of a Bleazard reuinion, THIS is most likely what you'll see. Everyone gets pretty competetive playing "Scum".

Carrie and Holly

CHEESE BALLS!!!! Need I say more?

Yellowpine is always my favorite place to go camping. It seems like it's where we always end up with the Long gang.

Rylee and Kaden eating Saturday morning breakfast.

The kids had such a blast playing with their cousins, Trey and Sven. They rode their bikes almost nonstop!

We also went for lots and lots and lots of walks! They had to show me all their little hideouts.

Avery and Cameron didn't quite make it through the whole walk.

You always have to go see the dam when you go to Rock Creek, right!

Rylee and Avery skipping rocks at the dam.

Cameron absolutely loves his dad.